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Beginners Coaching


Parents are most suited to teach their children the basics of chess. There are numerous beginners chess books available from the local library.

Basics of chess includes setting up the board, learning how the pieces moves, castling and en-passant.

The local libraries around Ranges Chess Club are the Ferntree Gully Library, Boronia Library & Knox Library. The junior chess player will benefit greatly if they understood the basic rules of chess and how the pieces moves before they join the novice coaching group.

Novice Coaching


Kim Tan coaches the Novice Group in general chess opening, basic tactics (Fork, Pins and Skewer) and endgames (Major Pieces). When the juniors are ready, they will be moved up to the Advanced Coaching Groups.

This is an ideal group for those who have played in school chess club.

Advanced Coaching


Denise Lim, title holder of multiple Australia Junior Girls Chess Championship and Victoria Junior Girls Chess Championship coaches  our Advanced juniors in advanced chess opening, middlegame strategy and endgame through game analysis.



Our little Lewis is having the best time playing chess, and learning new strategies in the coaching sessions! Sooo good! 

Tristan Garratt



Very nice place. Glad to see kids have a joyful time. 

Xuexu Li