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Set Up


Arrive at 6pm and help us set up the tables, chairs, chess board, chess set and chess clock; they don't move by themselves.

Pack Up the Chess Set and Clocks


At the end of the evening. Pack up the chess set and the chess clock in the smaller plastic containers and place 10 of them in the larger container. 

Pack Up Tables and Chairs


If you noticed a chair that is not in the right place, help us move it.

Introduce Your Friends and School to Ranges Chess Club


One of the best way you can help Ranges Chess Club is to introduce your friends and school to Ranges Chess Club.

Bring a friend to Ranges Chess Club.

Ask your school admin staff if we could advertise in the school newsletter. We're more than happy to pay for the advertisement.

Wash Up


Hoped you enjoyed the coffee and tea. Now wash it, dry it and put it back in the plastic container.

Have a great idea?


Don't just tell us. We value ownership and we would love to empower you to implement your great ideas to make Ranges Chess Club a better place for you and your child to Play, Learn and Connect.